How Democrats Limited Republican Options

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In what was arguably the worst election any of us could remember, Trump was not the first pick for many Republicans. I was hoping to vote for the more libertarian, Rand Paul. Instead, Paul, who lacks charisma no matter who he is placed next to, was completely overshadowed by Donald Trump. Mit Romney and the rest of the crew were caught totally off guard. They played nice and didn’t know that the playing field had completely changed.

The DNC didn't help at all. Having shut Bernie out, the DNC made sure the fix was in for Hillary. Had Bernie won, some of the people that stayed home may have voted. A Republican House and Senate would curb Bernie’s socialist leanings. At least the insanity would have been more measured.

The last three years have been insane. On too many levels. Some who voted for Trump and have even stood behind him have tired of the endless rancour. Some would even consider sacrificing Trump for some semblance of restored sanity in our public discourse and our politics. Sadly, Democrats have ensured that that won’t happen. Here’s why.

The Democrats have, from the day of his inauguration, assailed Trump and threatened impeachment. The media too, except for Fox News, has partnered in an unspoken, or, more likely, back room alliance with the Democrats to delegitimize Trumps presidency. This has had the effect of entrenching counter-support for Trump. With every lop-sided story, with every real or inflated or imagined Trumpian transgression promulgated by the Dems or the media, his supporters were forced into a defensive posture, interpreting these actions as unfair and biased. Their opinion is not entirely unjustified if we lay aside bias. Again, the result is a deepened and widened support base as people take sides. The glaring partisanship has, for any Republican, made Democrats enemies to be defeated at all costs. Democrats feel the same way about Trump and Republicans.

The entrenched support for Trump has made it nearly impossible for any Republican challenger to come on the scene. What Republican will run against Trump and win? Not happening. Now consider if the Democrats had taken a different approach.

If the Democrats had continued politics as usual, if they had focused on bills instead of Trump, on action instead of conflagration, Trump would have had no real foil. If they had honestly focused on policy and worked across the isle to make some sort of mediated progress, his tweets and actions would have stood by themselves as indefensible. By his own rhetoric his support would have eroded. Instead of defending him they would have tired of him. Democrats clearly did not have such faith and felt the need to manufacture the results they wanted. By doing so, they have legitimated many of Trump’s claims of fake news and manufactured investigations. Predictably they became his foil, and he became their Godzilla. And remember, Godzilla destroyed the world and still had fans.

Where would we be now? If they had continued to trust the system and the American people, there would have been credible Republican challengers in the running for 2020. There would be options. Instead, they have virtually handed Trump a second term. I, for one, wish there were other options. Some I know would even consider voting for Tulsi or even Yang instead of Trump, for the sake of restoring some sanity to our republic. Sadly, the DNC will ensure that they don’t have that opportunity. Everyone knows that the Democratic ticket will fall come November 2020. I just hope that those who hate Trump will chose complacency and patience over unceasing protest and vitriol. I don’t think I can take it if they don’t. I don’t think any of us can.

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